Yana is the third child in the family, a long-awaited child. She was born prematurely. At birth her height was only 38 cm. When she was just 2.5 months old, the baby girl had her first operation which lasted 5 hours.

But Yana and her family are fighters. Thanks to regular massage sessions, physical therapy exercises and rehabilitation courses, the girl is actively growing. She walks by herself, is enrolled in the first grade of a music school and even plays the flute. Last spring it was again detected the girl had tethering of the spinal cord.

Complications were stopped last time, thanks to an emergency operation. However, Yana again complained of pain in the back and right leg, and almost did not feel the lower part of her body. The Israeli clinic was ready to help the girl.

Thanks to your support we were able to raise $ 49,550 to pay for the treatment.