Dear Friends, we started a new fundraiser for Sophia Yankina. A completely healthy girl was born on 1st of December 2014. It was a cherishable 3 months for the whole family until the little girl started to experience epileptic seizures. From that on, life has been divided between before and after, with parents fighting the daughters' illness till the present day.

First 4 years were a constant struggle to get the diagnosis and moreover find the cure. Sophia's parents took her to the best hospitals and medical institutions of Russia. First they went to local doctors in Surgut, then were referred to other specialists in nearby bigger city Nizhnevartovsk and then even bigger Tyumen. Still with no answers to be found, the family had to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg to meet the highest ranked professors. In total the little girl had gone through 19 different treatment plans, including heavy hormonal therapy. But nothing was given any positive results.

Then, 2 years ago with the help of compassionate people, Sophia got to “Schoen Clinic” in Germany, where she underwent a life changing surgery. The amount of seizures were declining and the little girl started to finally lead a normal life. It was a dream come true for the whole family after these long miserable years. That was until recent tests showed, unfortunately, progression of the illness. Now Sophia need our help to get another highly costly procedure to localise and treat the core of the sickness. It is called SEEG-guided epilepsy surgery and Dr. Antonio Russi from medical center “Teknon” has agreed to operate Sophia.

Dear Friends, to save Sophia's life we need to raise 90 156 EUR. Our trust has conjoined with another fund to raise such summ for this appeal. We genuinely hope that we can meet the target in time to help Sophia. This operation is her only chance to get rid of painful seizures, anguish and traumas from falling. She has this chance and we can make this chance a reality. Let's change Sophia's life for the better!