Evelina Kolmakova is the longed-for and only child in the family. She was delivered at full term but suffered from birth asphyxia during delivery which led to severe brain damage. Her parents followed all bits of advice from neurologists to lessen the severity of medical conditions. They went through medications, special massage courses, physiotherapy, Voita therapy in the Czech Republic. Still, at Evelina’s 1 year and 2 months, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and tetraparesis. Since then, baby girl exercises daily at home or undergoes intensive rehabilitation programs in specialized care centers.

She works out as a professional athlete! She is driven by a dream to dance like a ballerina. But to make this dream come true she needs our support.
In September, Evelina has had a selective dorsal rhizotomy (to reduce spasticity) at the St. Louis Children's Hospital in the USA. The success of the treatment depends 70% on postoperative rehabilitation. Evelina needs urgently to go to the intensive therapy center “Olinek”, where highly qualified specialists will help her restore previously acquired skills and master new ones, but now without muscle spasticity in her legs! To help her get there, we need to fundraise 5 450 .

This rehabilitation program is a real chance for a new, healthy future for Evelina, where she may even be able to dance one day! Let's help Evelina's dream come true and change her life for the better!