Danial was not a premature infant. He was born 4 years ago without complications. However, already in the delivery room midwives noticed some deformities of soft tissues in the lumbar region of the boy's body. The doctor told the parents that most likely their child would not walk.

His parents did not give up and devoted significant time and attention to Danial's health. After taking regular swimming classes, the boy started walking when he was just 11 months old! After that, Danial had to take a series of massage, electrophoresis and electrostimulation procedures, a course of injections, as well as physical therapy.

Thanks to this active work, not only can he walk, but also actively run, jump, ride a bike, - which makes his parents extremely happy. However, despite all efforts, the boy walks with a limp due to the lag in the development of his left leg: it is shorter by almost a centimeter, and the muscles are weaker. There are also problems with the urinary system. All this - a consequence of myelocele.

Gradually the condition was worsening, which might lead to the fact that the doctor's prediction would, unfortunately, come true. There was a threat that Danial won't be able to walk.

Thanks to your support we were able to raise 13849 euro to pay fot the operation in the Assuta Clinic (Israel). This fundraising project was carried out together with the parents of Danial.